Shannon Rusbuldt

Age: Adult
Association: Non-Profit Leader
Region: California
Written by Shannon Rusbuldt

"Now it’s all encompassing to include any way that we can help get the word out for charities."

I come from a modeling background and I was working with a lot of amazing people. Fashion is really cool, you can be artistic and expressive. I reached a point in my career where I was looking for an opportunity to give back and do something beyond consumerism, so I decided to do a charity runway show. I used a lot of my contacts in the industry to create this neat event. We went to Washington D.C. and got politicians, people in the fashion industry on board. Tommy Hilfiger showed his collection and attended the event. It ended up being huge, we got a lot of press on it. I started getting calls from other organizations asking if I can do the same thing for them, which is when I realized it could be much bigger than I could imagine. So I started my company, Fashion’s Fight. We have done things from events, to video ad campaigns. Now it’s all encompassing to include any way that we can help get the word out for charities. 

Cancer affects every person you meet in some way, shape or form. I have a story just like everyone else, my grandmother had breast cancer. Working with NFCR, everyone on our set had a story of cancer. The spokesperson, Darryl McDaniels, lost his father to liver cancer and was very passionate about the cause. The director we hired lost her father to cancer. It was a great shoot for that reason – everyone was all in.