Ryder Tusieseina

Age: Pediatric
Association: Caregiver
Region: California
Cancer: Brain
Written by Marissa Tusieseina

"Cancer affects everyone’s soul."

My daughter, Ryder, was misdiagnosed & was assumed to have a bacterial throat infection and two days later to find out it was a mass brain tumor.  In the seven weeks from her full resection (waiting for the pathologists report), the tumor started to regrow in the cavity of the resection.  Ryder went through three chemo treatments, three stem cell transplants and 30 rounds of focal radiation treatments. Not to mention countless blood and platelet transfusions. She was isolated from everyone because her immune system was depleted. Her brother and sisters (KeiLee/Levi/Shey) were able to be at the hospital with her to celebrate her fifth birthday and they comforted each other. As a mother, too see all of this unfold, I had to smile and try to keep normalcy, but I cried every night and would scream in a pillow (in the bathroom). Cancer affects everyone’s soul. 

My advice – ask for help. Don’t let your pride or ego get in the way. You can’t do it alone. Cancer will affect you & your family. They will be on the journey too. As a parent watching your child go through the treatments, it will scar you emotionally and mentally forever.