Rosie Simone

Age: Adult
Association: Patient
Region: Toronto, Ontario
Cancer: Breast Cancer

"I keep smiling with Hope & Faith on my shoulders every day."

Lying in bed one evening in 2013 I found a lump on my right breast doing a self-exam.  After biopsies and ultrasounds, it’s confirmed I have stage 2 breast cancer at 43 years old. I immediately had a mastectomy on my right breast. I had chemotherapy and was on tamoxifen. However in 2017, once again, I find a lump but this time over my right collarbone which confirmed my cancer had come back as Stage 3.  I had 25 sessions of radiation and had decided to get my other breast removed then my ovaries for prevention of it ever came back. The following year, I found a lump over my left collarbone. I was livid and couldn’t believe what was happening to me. Unfortunately, that lump turned out to be breast cancer again, now it’s stage 4 triple negative & has metastasized in my chest area.  Radiation isn’t an option as it would damage my lungs, therefore I’m now on chemotherapy again. I’m a wife, mom, stepmom, a daughter & an aunt, I need to keep going! I’m living life to its fullest whether I’m tired or not and I’m not giving up this fight! I keep smiling with Hope & Faith on my shoulders every day.