Ramon Nayar

Age: Adult
Association: Patient
Region: Illinois
Cancer: Testicular

"Sometimes, often times, it takes courage to be afraid... "

In 2015, I had just gotten back from Atlanta having attended an amazing ground school training for being a professional drone operator. Days before that, I had returned from my first internationally commissioned set of assignments as an artist and consultant overseas. For about 3 years before that, I had been volunteering at different hospitals supporting pediatric cancer fighters. My life was on the brink of taking off to a new level of awesome… and then I got the call- the infamous call that leaves so many in disbelief… “I’m sorry, Ramon, but you have cancer.”

Had it not been for the experience seeing those beautiful cancer fighting kids teaching me lessons of strength and courage, I probably would have been completely alone and devastated. It was still shocking though- I’ve never smoked, been buzzed, did drugs, or even had a history of cancer in my family. How does one make sense of this?

Sometimes, often times, it takes courage to be afraid… afraid enough to find the answers you may not want to seek, afraid enough to explore your options as much as possible, and afraid enough to ask for help.