Mila Anufrieva

Age: Adult
Association: Film-maker
Region: California
Cancer: Melanoma
Written by Gala Pawl

"Use your 1% chance or 0.0001% chance because in the end you must be able to tell (at least to yourself) "that's why I won"

My heroine, Mila Anufrieva, had her life totally changed after the cancer – she got 99% prognosis of death but used her 1% chance and won. Mila always tells that you should never give up and never trust those who say you are finished. Use your 1% chance or 0.0001% chance because in the end you must be able to tell (at least to yourself) “that’s why I won”. Many people accept cancer as a 100% guaranteed death penalty. It’s a totally wrong assumption, don’t buy it. Mila had many doctors who told she’d die for sure. Where are these doctors now when she’s alive and well?

Mila Anufrieva was born into a family so poor she had only paper dolls! But she always had this impossible dream of working in the world of high fashion. And woah – before 30 years old the luxury fashion business she created was evaluated at $100 million – she served over 1/6 of the world with all things style.

And that’s when she was diagnosed with stage III cancer and told she’d definitely die. But she found a genius surgeon who tried treating her and succeeded, but while she had been on the treatment her whole business empire was hijacked by the KGB, and when she had not died and decided to fight back, they initiated a false case against her to jail her and kill her in jail. The most amazing part of this moment is that one of the KGB spies did not agree with the plan and secretly helped her flee her homeland to Italy, her second home. She did so with a $0 in her pockets, and started it all over again. Now she devotes all her time and money to helping those in need: she takes care of over 170 orphaned children in Guinea-Bissau, Africa, builds them a school, a home, provides all the supplies they need and flies to them every month to give them her love and attention.

Gala is a director who is currently creating a documentary about Mila.