Linda Trummer

Age: Adult
Association: Patient
Region: Minnesota
Cancer: Lymphoma

"I have a new appreciation for what my role can be in this world. "

I had a lump on my parotid gland for about 6-8 months, maybe more, before I went to my primary doctor. She sent me for a CT scan. Then I had a biopsy and was diagnosed with MALT cancer. By then I was seeing an oncologist, who kept taking my hand and promising me nothing worse was going to be found, yet at every corner, something worse did. So, I changed doctors, had another biopsy under my left arm, and was diagnosed with MCL Blastoid. Two cancers. If that second cancer had continued to have been overlooked, I would be dead for sure. Six rounds of R-HyerCVAD just about did me in. I was scheduled for 8, but my body wasn’t surviving very well. I went on a maintenance plan of Rituxan but had to find out for myself that the reason I felt sick was because of the side effects. I quit the maintenance plan. I also found my 3rd oncologist. For a long time, I hated my quality of life, and wished death would come. It was supposed to anyway – why was I still alive? I don’t know what’s in store for me, but after 1.5 years in and out of the hospital for various cancer-related illnesses, I was done. No more for me – if I relapsed, I would die. I don’t feel that way anymore. I have a new appreciation for what my role can be in this world. I’m just a little bit happier and have a lot of my passion back. Some days I even think I’ll live forever!