Lara Fox

Age: Adult
Association: Memorial
Region: Australia
Cancer: Osteosarcoma

Written by a friend and relative.

"I grew as a person watching her fight."

My best friend fought cancer twice and passed away 20 months ago. November 3rd, 2017, was the last time I saw her, held her hand and heard her voice. That Friday was the last time I said goodbye. I kissed her forehead and whispered to her “I love you”. I knew she was deteriorating quickly but I still believed I would see her again. That it wouldn’t be the last goodbye, it would be only temporary, until the 8th. She must have known though; she didn’t want us to leave and a part of me must have sensed it too because it absolutely tore me to walk out of the hospital room. On Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 my dear friend won her battle and flew to heaven. Childhood can is NOT rare. Each month 14,583 families worldwide will hear the words, “you’re child has cancer”. And in just one week 1,500 children worldwide will die from cancer. Being a friend to someone with cancer is so hard. Watching them go through hell nobody should go through let alone a child. But I grew as a person from watching her fight.