Katie Garcia

Age: Adult
Association: Survivor
Region: California
Cancer: Hodgkins Lymphoma
Written by Katie Garcia

" I now know so much more about life and now see exactly what is important."

I was 18, had just graduated high school, when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Instead of going to college and working like I had originally planned, I was taking trips to my chemo treatments. Being 18 I was used to going out with my friends and having fun. Having to transition from that to being inside my house for four months because I couldn’t be exposed to the outside germs was definitely one of the hardest things. It was definitely hard to have to go three hours to get my treatments then to spend the hours there for my treatments and another three hours to get home. It just seemed like the longest days. I knew I didn’t want this to take over my entire life yes it did play a part but I knew I still wanted to be myself. I still got up even when I didn’t want to I made sure I was moving keeping myself normal was a huge thing for me. 


I had my family there to play games, watch movies and have conversations. Without my family I don’t know where I would be. I can’t say enough how important it is to keep the ones you love around you. The love and support are what keeps you going. I made it through and couldn’t be happier to be where I am . March 2, 2016 I finished my last round of chemo and the second I got the okay to get out and continue my life again I did. I got a job the next month and am now 22 years old going on four years of perfect health, working a great job, and am as happy as can be. I am grateful for everything in my life and for everything I have gone through. I now know so much more about life and now see exactly what is important. I matured a lot from my experience and I couldn’t be more grateful.