Kathi Stannard

Age: Adult
Association: Survivor
Region: Ravena, New York
Cancer: Breast Cancer

"Life is an incredible gift, don’t sweat the small stuff live and love as if it were your last!"

It was July 2014, just 3 months after I had a normal mammogram, I got home from the gym and I felt something in my right breast. As I went for a shower I noticed a hard mass the size of an orange. At that time, I was a nurse and knew immediately what it was. I cried, screamed at God and worried about how I would tell my family. I went to my family doctor that day and he believed it was a tumor. By the next day, it was confirmed. I was diagnosed with Stage 3B Breast Cancer. At that moment I felt like someone took the life out of me. That night, I just cried with my family. My treatment started by getting a lumpectomy and nine lymph nodes plus the sentinel node removed. A week later, the surgeon called and said I needed more surgery because my chest margins weren’t clear. Fast forward a bit, I meet with my oncologist who gave me a small chance of survival, believing that the cancer would spread due to it being so aggressive. He went on to explain that I would need six months of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation and he could not promise that I would survive. This is when I dug deep into my faith and strength and I looked at him and said “You’re a doctor, my father is God and I will stand strong with my faith and kick this cancers’ ass! My God is more powerful than cancer!” I stood by my faith and I truly believe in the power of positivity! I am celebrating my 5-year re-birth in July I am not surviving but thriving! Life is an incredible gift, don’t sweat the small stuff live and love as if it were your last!