Katherine Dailey

Age: Adult
Association: Patient
Region: Indiana
Cancer: Colorectal

"After I found out that I had stage IV colorectal cancer, I took the weekend and I cried. But I never asked why me."

I found out I had colorectal cancer through the appendix burst. I guess you could say my appendix saved me. In early January 2017, I had my appendix removed. I had a follow up with the surgeon and she found something suspicious with the biopsy and wanted a colonoscopy. In mid January I had my colonoscopy which revealed two tumors tattooed for removal. I had colon cancer.  On March 6, 2017, I had a right side hemicolectomy done laparoscopically. On March 11, the surgeon called me at home and stated that 10 of 21 lymph nodes were involved and he was setting me up with an oncologist. Apparently I have had this cancer anywhere from five to 10 years. Tumors on the right side take longer to present themselves as there is more room to grow. So, mine finally grew to the point of bursting my appendix. I had no symptoms whatsoever until my appendix burst.

Fast forward to April 21, 2017. I had CT scans that morning and saw the oncologist that afternoon.  My liver was fine, however my lungs had to many nodules to count. We were going to be aggressive in the beginning and I would be chemo for life. My port placement happened on May 4, 2017 and I started chemo May 5, 2017. I just had chemo 23 on December 1st. My scans show only a few very tiny nodules that are “sleeping” as my oncologist says. My labs are great. Fatigue seems to be my most bothersome symptom.  Usually the first week after my infusion. Between my oncologist and God, I have the best team ever!

My faith has grown stronger.  After I found out that I had stage IV colorectal cancer, I took the weekend and I cried.  I never asked why me. I cried that I may not see my son have a child (he is now the proud daddy of a 1 year old baby girl). I cried that I would not see my other 2 granddaughters grow up. I cried that my dad might have to bury me, his baby girl. After that weekend, I woke up and told God I couldn’t do it without Him and handed it over.  My treatments are working and everything is stable.