Clair Simpson

Age: Adult
Association: Survivor
Region: Stafford, U.K.
Cancer: Cervical

"Emotionally, I don’t think you ever fully recover."

It’s been 10 years now so I’m doing really well in remission.  At 27 years old, with an 18 month old son, I saw a gynecologist and was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer. Jade Goody died two days later from cervical cancer, before I could an oncologist and get more in-depth information. So as I’m sure you can imagine, the thought of dying, leaving my son to grow up without his mum was heartbreaking. Within a couple of weeks I started a six week course of daily radiotherapy alongside chemotherapy (cytoplatin) once a week, regular blood tests and generally feeling run down and tired. After the six weeks, I went straight into a brachytherapy treatment (internal radiotherapy beam). This is a very lonely procedure – you are in a room on your own, nurses have to turn the unit off to be able to come in to check on you or bring food. No visitors are allowed during this time. While I am so grateful to the staff and for the care I was given, it still has an impact today.  Emotionally, I don’t think you ever fully recover. My bowels are misshapen and I have been left totally infertile. But, I am here to tell the tale and watch my son grow up to be the most wonderful young man.