Brianne Elliott

Age: Adult
Association: Patient
Region: Kingston Ontario, Canada
Cancer: Hodgkins Lymphoma

"Do not let your thoughts eat at you, or it will drag you down. Stay social. Reach out and talk to others."

I was pregnant when I found out I had Hodgkins Lymphoma and I was terrified. But, as I started my treatment, women started to reach out to me to share their similar experiences and, I found out it is more common than I thought. So on top of pregnancy “side effects,” I’m also dealing with the effects that are associated with lymphoma and chemotherapy. I remember back when I just got over my second trimester and started to feel fewer pregnancy symptoms but of course still feeling the effects of chemotherapy. Even though I’m a Registered Practical Nurse, I certainly did not know everything. As much as this is terrifying for me, I’ve chosen to accept this as my journey in life and want to stay positive as much as I can. I really could not be doing this without the love and support from my friends and family, especially my baby Jared, who has literally been with me throughout this whole journey. I’m sharing my story to let everyone know about cancer during pregnancy. I want to let those mothers know that they are not alone. There is a huge network available for all types of cancers and I’ve found some specifically for pregnant mothers of cancer which have helped me in my time of need. My advice to everyone out there battling cancer, stay as positive as you can. Do not let your thoughts eat at you, or it will drag you down. Stay social. Reach out and talk to others. Find out what your best coping mechanisms are because dwelling and doubting will not make it easier, trust me. Naturally, you must release your emotions which of course is completely healthy, it wouldn’t be without a breakdown every now and then.