Bonnie McVee

Age: Adult
Region: Washing, US
Cancer: Breast

"Post cancer I am authentic, transparent and vulnerable. I am me!”

I learned acceptance and surrender, and to live in the present moment without worrying about about things out of my control, which is just about everything! The context through which I see my life is filled with the joy around me rather than seeing the oppressing negative things.

Being diagnosed with a disease, I realized I had been in a state of dis-ease all my life. I had been unable to accept myself for myself. Fear had ruled my life. I lived as a people pleaser. I was so focused on who  I thought I wasn’t, I failed to see who I was.

The outpouring of love that came my way during my cancer journey allowed me to see I was so loved.  Feeling this love from others, I came to love myself as others saw me and I accepted me for me. No more trying to live up to who I thought I should be. Which looking back I didn’t even know who that was. Yet I was fearful to let anyone know who I was.  I was literally dying to be me. I was in such a state if disease.

Post cancer I am authentic, transparent and vulnerable. I am me!