Aimee Greenhalgh

Association: Family Member
Region: UK, Europe
Written by Tess Francke

"How does one prepare themselves to pass?"

“I lost an incredible family member, my auntie Michelle. She was my biggest fan and she pushed me to do great even when she was ill. It started after she fell from a ladder and was told by health professionals that it was nothing serious. Something still felt wrong and eventually she was diagnosed with cancer, which spread very quickly. How does one begin to process their time alive when there’s a cut off point that they know is going to happen? How does one prepare themselves to pass? It was a horrible time in our lives, trying hard to stay strong for someone we knew someday soon would pass. It was a lot of holding ourselves back from bursting into tears, holding it together then crying in the parking lot after the visit and driving home with the heaviest hearts, not knowing if next time might be the last time. My auntie said it herself near the end; for the family was losing her but she was losing everyone. She didn’t want to be the reason for all her family’s tears and stress. When we lost her, it changed my view on things and life, especially that we have to strive for what we want right now because you never know what could happen. She was diagnosed so young, leaving behind a husband and two sons, but she left them knowing they were loved.”