Ruthanne Gallagher

Age: Adult
Association: Family Member
Region: Oklahoma
Cancer: Endometrial
Written by Patrick Gallagher

"No one is excluded from having a chance to have cancer."

On July 23, 1970 Ruthanne was born and on October 23, 2016 Ruthanne Rhodes Gallagher took her last in my arms and in the comfort of our home. Ruthanne was a selfless, loving, caring woman that loved and cared about her family and friends. Her loss is a tragic end to all who knew her. My life will never be the same, I live with her loss everyday.

My advice is to go get checked out regularly, stay up to date with pap smears and all types of things that apply for early detection. It can and will take more lives to find a cure. No one is excluded from having a chance to have cancer. It’s a killer lying in wait and only we can prevent it with regular doctor check ups and being healthy.